Friday, September 23, 2005

What does it all mean?

It means nothing.

It is good to see Jennifer analyze her relationship with her son and question the concept of listening vs hearing. Good for him to consider LMF.

I have found that I do not listen soooooo much (i.e I hear myself talking on the inside as soon as the others open their mouths). It is challenge to listen and not analyse, but just hear (with your hart). Once I start listening, I start hearing what others are telling me: their pains, need for attention, fears, etc... (We all talk about the same thing!!!)Mind you, these are not results of interpretation of what I already/always hear, but feelings from a little compassion, openness and feelings.

It is good to see Leigh open up to both things she was always great at (career, signing) and to personal issues she didn't let herself enjoy for years. Leigh, I'll buy your excel book and your CD.

It is good to see Bianca smile on the cat-walk during the fashion show in appreciation to people's admiration of her, her style, and her work.

What else happening in your lives?


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