Thursday, September 22, 2005


WOW!! Have i noticed the brain boogie going on about my Rackets!!!

I have become so aware of so many things that are inauthentic about who i have chossen to be or what i thought i was. Wow talk about needing courage.

Its almost as it that little voice in my head has an army! But thank God for the clarity. I noticed that when I CHOSE be different from my inauthenticity in a particular area, the brain boogie about it stopped, and i feel clearer about where or what to do next, but it TRULY IS AN IN THE MOMENT THING! From on to the next.

In conversing with my son I notced automatic rackets with my language, and even tone. So I tried and experiment with him. I called him from another room; and instead if thoughtlessly calling him as I usually would, I specifically thought about peace and lovingness, I imaged how I would like our relationship to BE.


He did't hear me.

I called again more loving, sweet whatever.


He didn't hear me.

I laughed to myself, and called him like i usually do,


...and what happened?

He heard me.

Talk about not listening. (smile) I realized he is used to listening to me in a particular way and
so I simply don't speak to him the way i used to. He is very confused. (what is going on with mom) but has admitted that he see bigger potential for us to communicate.

And he will be taking the Landmark Forum.


At 2:45 PM, Blogger Thomas said...

Good for him (to be taking forum -- not for being confused :o)


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