Thursday, September 22, 2005

Making sense of the chaos

Hi all. I am overwhelmed by all of the possibilities that I want to manifest in my life. And committing them to writing is much more scary than just saying them. The written word is so permanent, you know? Fear aside, here's a short list of my favorite possibilities (excluding the one you already know about):

TO BE POWERFULLY PRODUCTIVE AND CREATIVE. There are two projects I have been putting off for a long time. First, I've been threatening to record a CD for years. So, I am committing to recording and releasing a CD of my music within a year. (Talk about lofty, grandiose plans, huh?) You'll all be invited to the CD release party, of course! Second, I've talked about writing another Excel book for a long time. (Sorry, I think Thomas is the only one who knows that I write computer books in my spare time.) This project is along the lines of "The Only Excel Function Book You'll Ever Need." (Did that just put you to sleep?) The trick with this one is that I want to self-publish it and figure out how to distribute it electronically. I don't want to work with a traditional publisher on this one.

TO CREATE A LIFE OF ABUNDANCE. What does that mean? Abundant love, freedom, money, expression...all the yummy stuff. Why not?

TO LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT JUDGING OTHERS. Now that really would be freedom, wouldn't it?

Oh, and one more thing...can I be just like Linda when I grow up? :-)


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